Thursday, October 15, 2009

Missing Daylily

I don't know if it is because of all the rain, but one of my daylilies, Shelby Charmer, is gone. It was there one day and when I checked a few day later it was gone. It is a dormant daylily so I guess it could have went dormant, but it seems kind of early for that. I guess I will know next spring, it will either reappear or never show it's foliage again. I hope it comes back, it is a pretty little thing.

Our rain is supposed to be over for a week and the temps cooler. I am going to start working on my plant shelter Sunday evening and Monday, lots to be done. The grass needs cutting also, but the riding mower is broken. I will be getting lots of exercise with the push mower.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainy Weather

No not the song. It rained again today and we have a very high percentage for the next several days, then again at the end of next week. It will be way too wet to work in my yard on my two days off. What's a girl to do. I can see now that my daylilies will be staying in their big pots until the spring when it will be dry enough to get some top soil hauled in.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Daylilies

I was very blessed to receive some free daylilies, 104 different cultivars to be exact. I was hoping to get them in the ground this fall, but the monsoons have set in and it's too wet to get topsoil hauled in. I still can't believe it sometimes when I walk out back under the trees where I have them all in big pots. They are doing great and I don't forsee any problems. Here's the list, I hope it doesn't bore you too much:

1. Alice Blocher 53. London Calling
2. Antique Rose 54. Louise Manelis
3. Beautiful Edgings 55. Lovely Dot Com.
4. Betty Ford 56. Marauder
5. Beyond Riches 57. Mary Todd
6. Bittersweet Destiny 58. Melon Balls
7. Blissful Beauty 59. Merry Munchkin
8. Bubbles Galore 60. Moonlit Masquerade
9. Butter Dish 61. Mystical Rainbow
10. Canadian border Patrol 62. Night Rhythms
11. Cantique 63. Oktoberfest
12. Carnival In Brazil 64. One Two Kangaroo
13. Celebration of Angels 65. Paint The Town Red
14. Cheddar Cheese 66. Palace Garden Beauty
15. Cherrystone 67. Pale Blush
16. Cherry Valentine 68. Paradise City
17. China Bride 69. Pearlfisher Pink
18. Classic Edge 70. Prediction
19. Condilla 71, Pretty Gaudy
20. Continental Holiday 72. Primal Scream
21. Cuban Skies 73, Reason For Treason
22. Dragon King 74. Rebecca Ann Dean
23. Ebony Pools 75. Red Eye Gravy
24. Electric Marmalade Magic 76. Red Rampage
25. Elegant Candy 77. Rose Fever
26. Fancy Face 78. Rosy Rhino
27. Flash Force 79. Ruffled Apricot
28. Forty Carats 80. Savannah Debutante
29. Francois Verhaert 81. Secret Friend
30. Gerda Booker White Seedling 82. Sedona
31. Gift From Heaven 83. Serena’s Bernice Marshall
32. Gillian 84. Shelby Charmer
33. Hidden Riches 85. Shelby Peach Frost
35. Hillbilly Heart 86. Shelby Peek A Boo
36. Hi Ho Silver 87. Shelby Summer Blush
37. Holly Dancer 88. Shelby Twilight Dance
38. Hyperion Elite 89. Siloam Double Classic
39. Incendiary 90. Spacecoast Cotton Candy
40. Indy Fling 91. Summer Re Run
41. Indy Rhapsody 92. Susan Weber
42. Inner Vision 93. Terry Lyninger
43. Jersey Spider 94. This Just In
44. Jolyene Nichole 95. Tic Tac Toe
45. June Hudson 96. TopGun’s Double Winemeister
46. Just Beyond Tomorrow 97. Velvet Eyes
47. Kisses Like Wine 98. Walter’s Rose Purple
48. Lawless Woman 99. Westbourne’s Kirby Kids Playtime
49. Ledgewood’s Evening Sunset 100. Wild Cherry Roundup
50. Lemon Crinkles 101. Wineberry Candy
51. Lexington Avenue 102. Wisest of Wizards
52. Lime Frost 103. Wonder of It All
104. Young and Bonnie

Sorry, they are a little crooked.